ATG Selects Membit for Municipal Flow Management

Automation Technologies Group (ATG) develops and implements computerized systems for local authorities and other public institutions. It also provides consultation services in matters relating to the development, implementation and operation of IT systems.

Membit Wins First Prize at Tech4Muni Conference

Earlier this month, Membit was awarded first prize at the Tech4Muni Conference, an event that showcases solutions that solve the challenges of Israeli municipalities, which provide services to 1.8 million citizens.

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Chatbot Solution for Your Company

Today, more and more businesses are adopting chatbot solutions to provide better and more effective customer service. But choosing the right bot technology can prove challenging. Bots range from very simple and easy to implement (which sometimes fall short and do not really improve customer journeys), to extremely complicated (which become cumbersome to implement and use).